The AGENCIES or ASSOCIATIONS consigned as follows may be requested as members of the CORPORATION:

1) REGULAR MEMBERS: Any state gaming institution or institution, or association that represents them, of a State recognized by the United Nations and located in the Ibero-American area may be a regular member of the CORPORATION.

2) ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Are those that come from companies or institutions that supply goods and services to the REGULAR MEMBERS referred to in the previous section, who do not have the right to vote.

3) REGULAR OBSERVER MEMBERS: These are organizations that operate by themselves games of Lotteries and Bets in fulfillment of a mission or a direct or indirect state authorization, and that discharges all or a significant part of the benefits obtained from the public treasury, or works of public utility, or to institutions of a social or cultural nature. They do not have the right to vote

Membership fee
The fee depends on the annual income of the lottery organization. The current tariff structure for Regular Members and Regular Observers is as follows:

Up to 100 million US dollars of gross proceeds U $ U 4,000
From 101 to 250 million US dollars of gross revenue U $ U 5,000
From 251 to 1000 million US dollars of gross proceeds U $ U 6,000
More than 1 billion US dollars of gross proceeds U $ 12,000
The fee for Associate Members is US $ 2,000 **